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Mike and I started shooting together in mid 2013. We have worked with many great models who are sexy, personable, love showing their all and leave nothing to the imagination! I invite you to look through my galleries to see some of the work.

I have a very good collection of studio lights, soft boxes and much more. See my equipment page! My stuff does not get nearly enough use; I had done a few workshops for a vanilla group. Now I am extending to fellow kink photographers.

My home set-up has the converted living room and two bedrooms available. The only thing I miss is higher ceilings. In my galleries you can see what I have done in these settings. There is also the stairwell if we use lookouts.

I want to expand to groups so that others can add their creativity and share the costs for the models. Generally the naughtier and kinkier, the higher the model fee.

I have run a number of workshops now and it seems that 4 to 6 photographers is the right size.

Bring your DSLR camera, memory card, batteries and imagination. A speed light is good to add for those close ups.

If you use a camera other than Nikon or Canon you might need an adaptor for your hot shoe in order to use the remote triggers to control the studio lights.

Location is:

19 Four Winds Drive
M3J 2S9

This is near Keele and Finch.

I organize workshops using the web site site
My Group

My email

Past workshops have featured:

  • Sandy
  • Kadie
  • AmyMae (x4)
  • Kate
  • June James
  • Emily Echo