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20120715-Alice-0004.jpg I connected with Alice through Fetlife.

She had posted in a group for exhibitionist women and had some naughty photos to share.

We got together and took many more. I hope you enjoy.

My favourite is the panty sequemce.
20170510-rohwen-0023.jpg I love her look! Very suitable for B&W

Looking forward to our next shoot
Serenity (52)
20110408-Serenity-0002.jpg A beauty with a kinky side. Great body control and posing ability.

From silhouette to snakes to bondage.
20160717-heather-0006.jpg Heather is kinky exhibitionist who dabbles in bdsm. She is very sexual and has some toys.
20161218-jetsamii-0001.jpg Not new anymore. But Jet and Samii are still very fresh. Both are kinky. We explore lightly in the realm of BDSM.
Jet (20)
20161218-jet-0002.jpg Brand new model. Kinky. She is into BDSM. And very naughty.

Perfect for my Alternative Home!
Laney (24)
20161116-laney-0004.jpg Beautiful Chinese model. Very new to modelling. I look forward to having her for a workshop!
Devon (20)
20160802-devon0011.jpg Fabulous new model!

Hard to believe that this was her first shoot!
Azura Rose (15)
_DSC5096.jpg Great model! Lot's of fun. First time shoot at my workshop.
20151229-candy-0002.jpg Candi is a great model. Experienced, but very fresh and sexy.
20160124-candy-0007.jpg We had this sexy, great model back for one of my workshops.

Everyone was very happy!
Shara (66)
20160102-patty-0001.jpg Sexy Spanish model with a sense of dance.
20160116-shara-0005.jpg Everyone had a great time with this delightful and versatile model!
20160122-findley-0005.jpg This curvy, sexy and naughty model came by for a test shoot. I loved working with her!
Sexy Emily (15)
20140617-emily-0001.jpg Emily stopped by last June for a sexy shoot. We started with a ring light and went on from there.
AmyMae (23)
20140406-jessica-0002.jpg Great new model.

I have worked with her four times and Amy keeps getting better and better.

She has been featured at three workshops!
20140531-amymae-0070.jpg Super fabulous model. Can't get enough of her.
20140123-swetdee-0001.jpg Great body art impresses me. And when on a great model, I have a lot of fun getting great photographs!
20110419-Sandra-0014.jpg Sandra is a very versatile model. From Fosse, to some B&D and Edward Weston inspired.
20101211-Sandra-0023-bw.jpg A wonderful model. If you see an influence from Helmut Newton I will be happy.
20130703-shoe-0016.jpg A wonderful and sexy model with some lovely ink!
Katrina (10)
20041010-katrina-0009.jpg A XXX movie star. Starred in the first season of Webdreams.


We had a lot of fun.
Maggie (22)
20130508-maggie-0003.jpg Maggie reminds me of a famous model/actress from the fifties.
20120730-Kiki and SandraBW-0002.jpg I had worked with both of these models previously and with excellent results.

I asked them about doing something with a sexy edge to it, and both were very open to it.

To capture this as I wanted, I used an on camera speedlight with a honsycomb filter.

The models met for the first time for this shoot, and I cannot say enough about what they delivered.

I adore them both.
20150920-severin-0001.jpg This was a great shoot with an alternative model. In their own words:

"I am a 25 year old gender queer mixed race assigned female at birth tattooed aspiring model who resides in Toronto, Canada."
20150626-kitty-0001.jpg First shoot this alternative model. There were four photographers in total.

We had a lot of fun.
Mina Swan (26)
20150802-minaSwan-0001.jpg I connected with Mina Swan on Felife. We are both Dominants and chatted for a while about our kink.

It helped produce some work that I am quite proud of.
20120730-Sandrabw-0126.jpg We got together again. This is rather special in my opinion.
20130814-sabrina-0002.jpg Great model. A lot of fun. Great tattoo work. And Sabrina gets a little naughty.
Melissa (44)
20140104-melissa-0099.jpg A great model and Glamazon! Melissa is 6 feet tall and glamorous.

She has been doing artistic nude modelling for some time and is very comfortable. I first worked with her at a workshop.

We hit it off, and Melissa jumped at the chance to do something sexy and a little naughty.