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Models Wanted

I want to do more scandalous photography. Disturbing, controversial, sexy and avaunt-garde artistic. Ideally, models are artistic, extroverted, like to be the centre of attention, are comfortable with nudity, and like being sexy, naughty, scandalous and disturbing.

I seek models with any of:

  • fetish wardrobes
  • an interest in bondage (especially if you have a partner to do it!)
  • interest in D&S and S&M scenes
  • tattoos, especially large colourful ones
  • piercings, scarification, amputations
  • wild hair, both in cut and colour, or shaven head
  • anything asymmetrical
  • goth appearance
  • four month+ pregnancy

Primarily, I seek female models, and also couples.

I am not a professional, but I am working on it! So I am always eager to work with new models looking for a TFCD. That is Time For a CD. You get images for your portfolio, and can use them on sites like Model Mayhem, Facebook, Deviant Art and anything that is non-commercial. If there is money to be made, I believe everyone involved should share in it.

I will have some paying opportunities that will provide work that I hope to publish.


I am now running workshops! These are paying sessions usually of 2 hours.

We never ask a model to do anything other than model!

We like exhibitionists, who like to tease, but also show all. Flirt. Invite compliments. Who like to be told that they are sexy, hot and desirable. Who enjoy a sense of power because it is "look but don't touch!"

Total nudity is required. We like pussies spread wide open.We like sex toys. Anything fetish, bondage and/or bdsm oriented is most welcome! Contact me if interested!

Check out our previous models in the galleries. All of them had a lot of fun, and will be happy to provide a reference!

Melissa and Betty have been back many times!